As a player in a capital-intensive industry, our team understands that the Bear reputation is based on our four core values: Driven, Committed, Teamwork, and Trustworthiness. We confidently put our reputation on the line every day—both in the office and on the jobsite—providing the necessary assurance our customers require by being licensed, bonded and insured.

Quality counts, which is why you can count on us. Bear Contracting and its highly qualified workforce take great pride in delivering a high-quality product. Quality of workmanship and conformance to specifications is a matter of course for Bear Contracting.

At Bear Contracting, we apply our expertise in heavy construction to site development of the energy sector and industrial clients, as well as commercial and residential developers. Our private clients know that they can depend on us to deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner, ensuring that their capital investment becomes productive in the shortest period possible minimizing business disruption.

Bear Contracting serves the energy sector by performing gas compressor station work, developing gas well sites, including constructing access roads and drilling pads, installing HDPE piping, construction deep mine face-ups, and performing reclamation and environmental mitigation work. We have an excellent understanding pf the unique needs of the firms that provide the energy that makes our twenty-first century lifestyle a reality.

From reconstructing roads and highways with difficult rock cuts to municipal water and sewer systems and sanitary landfills, Bear Contacting has a rich history in public infrastructure construction. Bear Contracting’s expertise in public infrastructure can readily be applied to serve private sector clients and to fulfill their needs for heavy construction services.

Bear Contracting is headquartered in Bridgeport, West Virginia, strategically located to serve public and private sector clients in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, New York, and Virginia. We are highly committed to these areas and look forward to sharing in the success of your next project.